Immersive Environments. Thursday 9th June, 7:30pm.

Featuring performances and fixed media works by Nick Fells, Iain Findlay-Walsh, Louise Harris and Sebastian Lexer

ci unc – Nick Fells

Improvisation – Sebastian Lexer

Untitled – Iain Findlay-Walsh

Apses Indeed – Louise Harris

Nick Fells – ci unc

ci unc (‘sy uns’) is the symbol for cirrus uncinus cloud, the high, thin cirrus clouds (also known as “mares’ tails” that have a kind of hooked shape. What you’re hearing tonight is a sketch for a larger piece and is basically an experiment to see if I could make something in a different way to usual (in this case using the Supercollider programming environment). It’s heavy on different kinds of granulation and microlooping/filtering of the shakuhachi played live, and effectively spreads the sound around the space, using a technique known as ‘ambisonics’. When I’m playing here, I’m improvising and listening to what comes back to me, then I respond by playing ‘into’ the texture. As I say, it’s an experiment, and if it works at all, I’ll be delighted – so thanks for bearing with me.

Louise Harris – Apses Indeed

This piece is very much a work-in-progress – a stripped back version of a more complex system I’m planning to develop in the coming weeks and months. I’m interested in how this material works in the space and, crucially for me, what it suggests visually. As an audiovisual artist, this is the first work I’ve made for a while which I don’t feel a have a handle on visually – I’ve tried about 6 different visual renderings and none have felt quite right. I’d welcome any feedback you have – either on how the material works and whether you enjoy listening to it, or on what you imagine it might look like.